Monday, February 04, 2008

fish snake..

the crowd loving a concert by dag nahash at the reznik.. jerusalem israel..


  1. A thought just struck me. How many songs exsist in the world? I mean each song is more or less unique, in sound, choice of instrument and words, and yet new ones pop up every second and have done so for God knows how many centuries. Isn't it fascinating? Will we ever reach a time when we can't invent new ones because they have already been "invented"? Or is the pool of inspiration endless?

  2. endless.. because even if the notes where the same.. the phraseology.. the rythm and the tempo could always vary and its unlimited..

    especially when you look at arabic music.. some of their rythms span several bars.. mixing dooms and taks (middle eastern equivalent of ta tafei and tafatefi)..

    this is part of the splendour of music.. a truly unlimited and totally inexhaustable source of universal happiness..