Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The arrival of Sping brings out cute children who have been staying indoors during the cold weather, here is one such child enjoying her cycling in the warm sun, Lahore, Pakistan.


  1. Great picture! I really do love those photos that tell a story.

  2. what does yellow and white street side painting mean.. we in israel have:
    red and white for no standing
    blue and white for regulated parking
    black and white for no stopping
    grey and red for parking between certain hours
    grey for unregulated

  3. We here in pakistan have the same combinations as you except the grey and red, and the grey they do not exist. the yellow and white is just decorative, its inside a private housing compound and the streets are unregulated.

    In Pakistan you will also notice several color stripes & numbers on trees they are also decorative.