Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bombay Blues

Skyline of my home city - Bombay - capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.


  1. :) i totally love the way you have framed the shot with the palm/coconut fronds on the either side......

  2. Looks very tranquil which is not a word I would associate with bustling Bombay!

    Interesting that you call it Bombay in these days, Shalom - is there a part of the population that prefers it be called that?

  3. The spot I took the pic from was very of those exceptional places in bustling Bombay :)

    And yes, NZM, there is a definite part of the population that will probably always call the city 'Bombay', partly because it was the name we grew up with & for me at least, because it conveys a sense of what the city ideally was & should be again.