Monday, February 25, 2008

Baradari at Hiran Minar

This baradari (Pavilion) was built by the Mughal Emperor Jehangir in 1620 as a roal residence in his hunting grounds, At a time when there was no electricity or air conditioning architeture like this with numerous doors and windows directed fresh air and sunlight where it was needed. This particular baradari and a tower called hiran minar are part of a complex built by Jehangir in honor of his favourite deer "Mansraj" on its death. Photographed at Hiran Minar, Sheikhupura, Pakistan.


  1. stunning picture.. some of those old pieces of architecture are simply amazing.. certainly wonderful technological achievements..

  2. Beautiful!!!

    There are so many amazing places to visit in Pakistan.

  3. Thanks Shaykhspeara, This was the first time i'v been to hiran minar, I plan to see more places in the coming days.