Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Fishing Today

Blue-trimmed fishing boats bob on their moorings under an endless blue sky.

Sigri, Lesvos Island, Greece


  1. I wouldn't mind being there at all... Nzm you sure must have wonderful dreams after all the places you have seen :)

  2. What the image doesn't show is that it was as windy as hell!

    Nah - my dreams are usually crazy mash-ups of my reality, my worst fears, my crazy imagination and some strange things that are so out there that I have no idea where they come from!

  3. Sounds pretty much like my dreams too lol I always dream, every night, and I always remember my dreams. I thought that was the case with everyone til I met people who don't remember dreams!

    Sometimes I don't know which is better lol

    You know I have heard that people who dream a lot and remember them are sort touch with their soul or very spiritual or soulful...I reckon that's you and me! lol