Thursday, January 31, 2008


Sharron showed us a picture of very cute (and apparently smelly) seals so in line with that I present to you my favourite animal, the very cute and very playful (not so smelly) dolphin Flibber from Oman!

*The omani arab version of flipper since P doesn't exist in arabic and is pronounced B...pardon my terrible humor...


  1. haha.......i love dolphins.....truly, madly, deebly!!!! :D
    at one point of time , i owned pendants, earrings and even toe-rings and bracelets with dolphin charms......:)
    i would love to swim with them one day .....back in Florida, it was always to see pods of dolphins while watching sunsets....i think i have a pic somewhere .....let me look in my cold storage ...:DDD

  2. I didnt understand! But i dolphins or shall I say dolbhins???

  3. And in a typically Arab overcompensating behaviour, I would say...

    Laughed my head off. And great photos as always, Shay!