Monday, December 03, 2007

Two Wings to Fly

The Jerusalem Peacemakers are currently traveling the world (soon in Holland) promoting their peacework among the different faiths of Israel and Palestine, based in Jerusalem.

Eliyahu Mclean who recieved a peace ordinance as a Rodev Shalom, a peacemaker in Jewish Tradition, and Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Bukhari (direct descendant of the famous Muslim Hadith collector, Imam Bukhari of Uzbekistan) work together at bridge building work between people of different faiths as well as between Palestinians and Israelis.

"People ask me if I am right-wing or left-wing?
And I say to them: it takes two wings to fly."
- Eliyahu Mclean


  1. Beautiful theme, SS..and I am in love with all the pics up here for the theme ....

  2. Thank you Moi! This week is extra fab, I agree with you :)