Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best of 2007: Diligent Candy

Our, at first Dubai, then later on Amsterdam member, passionate about her tulips and windmills has made sure no one on Global Themes misses a beat on Dutch culture and happenings! She also gave GT its youngest member earlier this year, our very own baby Candy, and for the theme Interior Design she had plenty of fabulous takes to offer. An original looking Dutch delft blue birdhouse!


  1. love it! love it! love it!
    and those lilies are called Naked Ladies, if i'm not wrong!!! bird-lures, eh??? :D

  2. We'll have to ask Mrs. Candy, the expert!

  3. LOL...yes they are :) ...oooooh how naughty :) :) and thanks so much for this post - i am feeling all gooey and mushy ...BIG HUGS