Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Asarahabucha Day

Asarahabucha Day is one of the most important Buddhist days. There are three important circumstances as follows:

Buddha gave the first sermon called “Thamachak-kappawattanasuit”

There was the first monk in Buddhism.

There were complete three pillars which are Buddha, Buddha's teaching and monk in Buddhism.

In the morning, people will go a temple in order to make merit by donating some food, money and essential stuff to monks. In the evening, people will join “Wien Tein”, making merit by three times clockwise walking tranquilly around a main monastery. Moreover, people can go into the main temple in order to join chanting and listen to sermons from the monks.


  1. How beautiful DSM :) Thank you for sharing with us about Buddhism. When does Asarahabucha Day occur? is there a set date every year?

  2. I was happened about 4 months ago (I can not remember the exact date). There is a set date every year and the date is set base on lunar calendar. Thank that you love my post.