Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1 Year Anniversary!

It's been a year today, dear readers and photographers, since started and we celebrate that by starting our very own gTunes! We will be collecting all the fabulous Global Tunes that are playing on the blog at our very own gTunes website for us all to enjoy for months and months to come!

I have had a blast working with the coolest and nicest people in the blogosphere from all colours, faiths and places. Over the year we became finalists in the Photobloggies 2007 Awards in two categories, we had almost 11.000 visitors and we have had a variety of themes from Street Signs to Animals, Places of Worship to Sand and Autumn with more than 1000 posts!

I'll be presenting some of the very best of 2007 posted by our wonderful team of photographers in the coming days.

Thank you all, wonderful photographers and readers for making this the best place to be on the web!

Happy Birthday Global Themes!


  1. Happy Birthday GT, Great work as always Shaira, and another great idea with gtunes. All the contributors and visitors have put in a lot of effort and time into the project and I would like to congratulate everyone.

  2. Thanks D Reb, glad you are joining the celebration lol and bohot shukriya for all your help!

  3. Congratulations! Happy Birthday! This is such a great project and I'm so honored to be a part of it. Thanks, SS, for doing such an amazing job. And, congrats to all the contributors for being so, well, global (and, of course, for the perspectives that offers)!!! And for taking and sharing your amazing photos. Sometimes I can't believe the stuff we put up here, they're so beautiful or thoughtful or striking.

    btw, gTunes is a fantastic idea. Like i mentioned in my email, I actually already bought one of the songs you had on the GT page for a while. So, good on you, DJ SS! :)

  4. Miki having you part of the GT family has been totally our gain, thank you for being with us :)

    lol @ DJ SS! well why not? lol

  5. Yay!!!! Happy B'day !!!!! am i glad that one fine day i decided to blog-hop and landed here on GT!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday GT blog and congratulations to all our members who continue to post stunning and informative images that allow all of us to see new things, as well as old things in a different light.

    BIG THANKS AND HUGS to our tireless leader, Shaykhspeara Sha'ira and her sidekick DReb for making this a great place for us to meet.

    gTunes is an awesome idea - I love it!

    I get a kick out of telling people about our wonderful meeting place that is GT, and although I haven't met all of you, I consider you all to be my friends and that's so cool to think that there are so many friends of mine scattered all over the world!

    I look forward to the next year with GT and to seeing so many more amazing images.

  7. Happy Birthday GT!!!!

    This is only my third week here, but I'm totally thrilled to be a part of this collaboration. I think its a wonderful way of rising above our own worlds & views, and appreciating diverse perspectives.

    So congratulations to each of you, and happy clicking!

  8. Happy birthday GT for 1 year anniversary.

  9. Yey to Global Themes!! Bravo everyone, and thanks for sharing your world(s) with us!!