Monday, November 05, 2007


driving from essaouira to agadir morocco..


  1. lirun, you're well traveled. I finally 'followed' you here and I just love the pics. Of course, my wanderlust is being taunted at the same time. Isn't it awesome how digital cameras have evolved and turned many into easy photo enthusiasts? I'll have to put this site under my favourites for now. I'm notorious for forgetting to put a proper blogroll on my site.. tsk tsk..

  2. This is fab! It took me a while to figure out the taxi sign was inside the I right? lol I was wondering how it could look so big!

  3. hey ingrid :)

    thank you soo much for your warmth..

    travelling for me is a recent delight.. while i moved around a lot before it was merely visiting..

    i think digital cameras are one of the most amazing breakthroughs of our century.. :)

    glad ure staying touch


    it was mad! the taxi driver a 60 year old marakshi who moved to taghazout north of agadir (the town i lived in this summer) was hilarious.. the little handle near the sign was the window handle.. only one for the whole taxi and you had to pass it around form window to window to open up hehehehe

    the right hand side had no side mirror and there were no seat belts.. many highways are narrow so half the time you have two wheels skidding through the sand and because everyone does it there are real ditches on the side of the road.. the taxi sign itself was also quite funny..

    the guy was so sweet.. it was a fun ride..

    i miss my moroccan summer.. more than i imagined..