Sunday, November 11, 2007

Holy Road

The pathway between mounts Safa and Marwa. Walking this once desert pathway - now air conditioned and covered in marble - is part of the pilgrimage rituals.
Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting. It's changed a lot since the last time I did Umra :)

  2. Amazing!

    Here I had visions of dusty pilgrims slogging through the sand and dirt, but it's all marble and airconditioning! Fantastic!

  3. Buj, long time no see! Welcome to the blog.

    Nzm, isn't it fab that we get to see things here that we normally wouldn't? :)

    Mr. M, well done!

  4. hala SS.. it's been a while since my last visit, but I've enjoyed this blog since its inception! Thanks for the welcome.

    I'd love to goto Mecca again.

  5. nzm: Nah, it hasn't really been sand since.. well.. they found oil in the sand ;-D

    Buj: Thanks!!

    SS: Long time no see YOU! How've you been?