Sunday, November 11, 2007

On the Road? What Road?

A bridge connecting Beirut to the South of Lebanon, bombed by the Israeli army in July 2006.


  1. :( sad to see such destruction is such a beautiful country

  2. i was really tempted to post this on the flowers topic..

    not because i looked for it but just because that week i happened to travel there and all i found was whole mountain sides devestated by hizbulla rockets..

    i have generally skirted away from politically sensitive topics but not sure there is reason too.. especially when they are the reality..

    i guess the essence of the blog is to bask in commonality while celebrating differences through global themes and i always assumed that this excluded political conflict.. so shasha i turn to you and ask for guidance..

    how real are we to be.. are we sensitive to the risk of confrontational posting.. what are the thoughts.. and i ask in full recognition of the fact that maybe you cant celebrate without being frank.. or can you?

    and.. for the avoidance of any doubt i say this in full respect to my coblogger and as someone who definitely is not a fan excessive political correctness..


  3. Hi there dear friends,

    When you collect in one meeting place a muslim, a jew, an israeli, a hindu, an arab, an american etc magical things can happen! :)

    The blog is a place where we can bask in our commonalities as Lirun says and that is the main purpose, but it is also a place for reality. Reality according to the viewer, interpreting the many different themes we have had, by presenting what he or she feels is connected to the theme.

    Apart from promoting racism, islamophobia, anti-semitism and hate (and anything related to that against other minorities), there are no restrictions on how you all choose to interpret the theme, including posting pictures from reality, such as war and conflict. War is a reality.

    I am no fan of politics and therefor I did not make this blog a political one per se, however, it is only natural that the world as it is, for many people, should be presented to us here in ways that may be "sensetive".

    The challenege for all of us is, taking one step back and asking one self, why is he or she feeling like that?

    Before we post perhaps, we may want to ask, why are we doing this? If the answer is: this is my reality, this is what I feel, then go for it and be prepared to explain it to someone else who may not understand.

    If the reason is simply confrontational, well then we might wanna think again about the spiritual contribution we are giving to the world and humanity.

    This blog is home to every human being, and everyone's reality is as important.

    I hope this brings some clarity my friends. I believe in being honest and true to yourself and everyone around you, and by telling about ourselves and our reality with honesty and openness, perhaps we can come one step further to understanding (even if not agreeing) one another without judging.

  4. (reading this a few days after the exchange...)
    For some reason this photo, and the tsunami one, were the first to cross my mind when reading the theme of the week. I actually had to look up other photos so I wouldn't let my contribution be just gloomy..

    I agree with Lirun: no reason to skirt away from politics because that's our life (and for some more than others). Especially in photos..
    But the point mustn't merely to poke someone else, or to ignite an unnecessary fight.

    Hope you're all very well!