Monday, October 15, 2007

Statue of Sorrow

Oh you faithful departed,
you left us brokenhearted,
with your worries behind you,
your loved ones trying to find you,
in the memory of your scent,
in the last embrace before you went,
in our minds you're a memory,
in our hearts you will always be.

Picture taken at the Accatolico Cemetary in Rome where everyone who isn't a Catholic is buried, including Muslims, Hindus and Protestants. This picture is one of the most powerful images I have seen and it inspired the poem that I put up under it.


  1. very evocative, SS......i am so loving the statue theme though i do not have anything major to contribute!!! :)

  2. Thanks girl :) I love it too, so much fun and it's a free history and art lesson for us all!

    Well I beg to differ, your mere presence is a contribution!