Monday, October 15, 2007

A bad hair day

My favourite sculptor, the Italian Bernini, is responsible for this amazing marble bust of Medusa with snaky hair at the Capitoline Museum in Rome. Ironically the legend of Medusa in Greek myhtology has it that if you looked at her face you would turn into stone.


  1. I love your caption. And, here I sit complaining that perhaps my hair was cut too short this time around...what if I had snakes...

  2. haha...the title had me in splits ...just yesterday i was bored out of my skull and cut my hair myself a home ...just like that ....and now I am having a real bad hair day :(((

  3. Lol you two!

    How is it that one is never happy with ones haircut...well seldom anyways...I always feel they take too much off...Actually the one time I was happy with my hair cut was in Egypt. Fancy that.

    Well Moi, atleast there are no snakes in your hair and if we look at you, we will not turn into stone lol