Monday, October 29, 2007

An American Autumn in Japan

Nothing says "Autumn" (or "Fall," as many of us call it) to an American like Halloween. Ironically, my best Halloweens have been in Tokyo, Japan! Here's a shot from last Saturday's Yamanote Train Halloween Party - an underground party on the train line that circles the city - organized every year by word-of-mouth among foreigners living in Tokyo.


  1. Miki this is so fabulous! Everytime I log on to GT I learn or see something new, and this is what I wanted with GT initially. This halloween train thing is way too cool!

    In sweden halloween is becoming more and more popular and you will see stores selling halloween cakes and stuff..and costumes you can always get. I grew up celebrating halloween BIG TIME in school because I went to english school here and our teachers were american or british and they would make a big deal out of halloween. So much fun!

  2. oh boy, aren't they having a great time!!!

  3. Thanks so much, SS!! If you're ever in Tokyo around Halloween, know that the train always happens the Saturday before Halloween, unless Halloween falls on a Saturday, in which case, it takes place on Halloween. It's sometimes hard to find the info, but it's out there on Google if you search for it just right! :)

    Moi, they were definitely having a great time. I ended up moving to a second train after a while and then that train was stopped and we were kicked off by the train cops!