Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Love on a bench, Amsterdam

What don't I do in the name of Global Themes, even shoot unsuspecting love birds at Museumplein in Amsterdam, at the risk of getting bashed up in public...see how much I love you guys....


  1. haha......looks like straight out of some romantic Hollywood movie!! :)

  2. and hey I was there last winter....we went tripping to van Gogh museum ..loved it!!!!

    Rijksmuseum was closed due to renovation work. Pity!!! :(

    I wish i had known abt global themes then..would have loved to meet up with you :)

  3. DC naughty naughty, now don't be doing things to get bashed up, Great capture though.

  4. Ah come on, you didn't get close enough - you should have been in front of them, right in their faces!

    Those pink benches!

  5. MOI: There is ALWAYS next time...would love to meet up...so keep me in mind if you come this way...

    DR: In the name of love....if I get bashed up it will be for a good cause :)

    NZM: You are just SO wicked!