Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do you like pink?, Amsterdam

Well someone in the municipality here does...


  1. My first reaction: cute. [But I guess a reason could be because I'm a Woman]

  2. i find it cute too!!! do i lack taste ;)))

    the flowers in the background complete the pic, DC!!! and loved all your bench pics.....

    how's the little one doing?? :)

  3. DC Pink bech, first one I'v seen in my life.

  4. Awesome with the pink colour co-ordinated matching flowers!

  5. VM: I think so too...maybe it is because I am a woman too :)

    MOI: Thanks, coming from the maestro of amazing photography it means a lot..
    The little one is a dragon :) he is doing much better now! Thanks so much.

    DR: I am glad I was able to bring it to you..

    NZM: I thought so too!

  6. Gosh it makes me wanna put on pink lipgloss and chew bubble gum! Lovely! lol