Friday, August 24, 2007

Commercial Seating

I saw this adorable bench in Sarajevo and noticed similar benches with ads on them all over the the UAE where I have been the last couple of weeks. Hope you have all had a wonderful summer!


  1. Yeah - anywhere there's a space, there'll be advertising!

    welcome back!

  2. Advertising is big time here in the UAE too most of the benches here are covered with Lipton :-)

  3. advertising's constant mission to creep into every corner of our lives. !!!

  4. For sure nzm! and thanks :)

    D reb yeah I saw them, Lipton is huge over there. Can't you snap a pic of them, I totally forgot to.

    Moi exactly! I mean one can't even have a sit and contemplate on a bench without getting the urge to buy a cup of lipton tea! lol