Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chasing Turtles

J and her boys chase a turtle through the clear waters as I hang onto a rock and photograph the pursuit.
The turtle was not bothered by the excitement, and was quite content to swim around us as we followed her!

Reethi Ra Resort, Maldives.


  1. Loved your under water shots for this theme...

  2. Welcome back NZM!!!

    Missed you lots over here :) Your underwater shots are to die for! I am hoping to head up to Musandam for a dive this time. Let's see how that goes :)

  3. thanks, gang!

    It's good to be back with proper internet access at home now, but still not enough time to catch up with emails or posting to our own blog!

  4. Sha'ira: enjoy the Musandam