Wednesday, July 11, 2007


This is Zubeyde, one of many women in Bosnia who do Strava for a living. Apparently this is an old Bosnian tradition where one heats up metal in an oven and then pours it into a bowl of water. Depending on what shape it takes, she will then determine how you are feeling spiritually and to an extent predicts certain aspects of your future. She combines this with quranic verses that she reads over the person. In reality a lot of the aspects of this tradition contradict islamic teachings, especially with regards to foretelling the future, even so, this is a practice deeply rooted among both religious and non religious people.


  1. Very interesting! I like the capture of the colors: the wall, her clothes, etc.

  2. Thanks Waldo, I loved the way the colours brought a very fitting atmosphere to the picture. She was quite an interesting woman.

  3. so what did she tell you about your future :-). every place has their own fortune tellers with their own ways, even in the islamic world where its supposed to not allowed people love to know what life has in store for them.