Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sharing your Tapas

In Spain appetizers are called "Tapas"... and if you pick the right local restaurant they are fairly cheap, always fresh and delicious! One thing I dislike about Germany - where I live - is that people order their own "private" dish and usually don't share the bill, but actually squeamishly calculate what they ate and pay only for that exactly. I love to eat out in other countries where a group orders tons of stuff, all share everything and then share the bill, no matter what. In Spain we just ordered all the Tapas on the menu, shared everything and enjoyed a fabulous meal! Unfortunately I took this pic too late..the portions were enormous, and even I - known to eat and eat and eat:) - couldn't cope! Leaving food on the plate always makes me feel bad, as my Mum used to say: eat up, the children in Africa are starving! If only we could share food globally and not only at one table!


  1. Or if J's at the table, she usually pays for the lot! LOL.

  2. thats usually what happens with me, order, think i'll photograph it, have the camera, but when the food arrives I gobble it and half way remember had to take a picture.