Saturday, June 09, 2007


i know it doesnt look great.. its basically like a croissant laced with chocolate throughout rather than just as a lump in the middle and its quite small.. this is basically one of the most classic jewish pastries that exist and in israel it is the first thing anyone is served in any type of event.. whether its breakfast.. a soiree or whatever.. one of those foods where freshness really counts..


  1. Hit me with some rogalah! Who says it doesn't look good? It looks juicy and yummy, besides, it is the inside that counts when it comes to food. So does rogalah have it's roots in Israel or is it a European thing?

  2. i think its a euro thing that has taken a life of its own in israel..

    my favourite flavour is a halva flavour..

  3. Oh man ... that looks sooooo good!