Monday, June 18, 2007

One World Cafe Mural

My favorite café in San Francisco is the One World Cafe. The only reason I found this little neighborhood place was - and now all you healthy people close your eyes - because I smoke and like to enjoy my cappuccino with a cigarette. This is one of the few places in anti-smoker-city S.F. where you can do that. Of course not inside. They have this quite trashy yard, which is very small, but the beautiful mural you see above makes it a wonderful place. Otherwise the cafe is one of those typical hippie alternative places with old sofas and tables and where service is only good (meaning friendly, not fast- these guys are very easy going!), if the person behind the bar chooses to like you at first sight. Being a charming person I was lucky and was treated very well! Anyway, coffees and cakes (of course mainly whole food) are good, and they even have computers with Internet access. Stop by if you need a break from Starbucks and want a real Height-Ashbury experience without all the tourist frills - and of course if you want to have a smoke and a coffee without being bashed!


  1. The murals are amazing, and its nice to know there are still some places in SF that give some rights to smokers :-)

  2. i love murals of all fact thats how i decide if i am entering an un-tried the theme here