Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Let's bake a Sunshine Cake!

I use food a lot to explain things. When someone asks me where I am from, I reply I am a fruit salad of the world. And we have all heard the expression "breaking bread with someone." Everyone understands the reference. Forrest Gump's mom said Life was a box of chocolate...although I never understood that because I always know what I'm gonna get when I open one.

You can start to love a place just because of its food and food has a way of entering the hearts of even the starchest racist or prejudice ridden person. Who would have thought chicken curry would be England's national dish? Or that pizza and kebab is eaten in even the most racist and xenophobic swedish husehold? It is through food that we can truly "meat" and "blend".

This week on www.globalthemes.org we wish to celebrate food, and with it, the people and cultures behind it. So in Frank Sinatra's words playing on our Music Player, let's bake a sunshine cake!


  1. This is ALL very nice. But you are making a pregnant woman VERY hungry. LOL!

    Excellent topic Shaira it is one that binds us irrespective of gender, location, caste, creed etc. etc.

    Love this forum and the effort you guys put in to make it special.

  2. and u know even I never understood what that line from Forrest Grump meant ..I mean, i always know my chocolate box will contain sinfully rich dark chocolates.. for that's the only kind I buy!!!! and it's supposedly one of the greatest lines ever!!!! Hmmm...

  3. Lol candyyyy!! I reckon this theme is especially dedicated to you and the latecomer :)

    All of y'all make this place what it is, thank you!

    Moi exactly! I swear sometimes you wonder what people are thinking. Do you remember when the movie had been out a while and people kept on making the reference "You know it's so true, life is a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get" I remember looking at them dumbfounded thinking, "what kinda chocolate are y'all buying?"