Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lazy Coffee in Aceh, Indonesia

Caswell's cafe, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. A cafe that caters to foreign expats working in reconstruction in the Tsunami-devastated province.. with really bad $4 lattes, salads and menus printed in English and in Indonesian, it is just...weird :) Especially in a province that produces some of the world's best coffee, which sells everywhere for about 20 cents a cup...

The joke in the photo - which I'm afraid only Arabic-readers will get -- is that the Acehnese language can also be written in Arabic script. And the way the wrote 'Caswell' on the door, can also read 'Kassoul' --which means 'lazy' in Arabic.... An accident or an inside joke?


  1. lolll that's hillarious!

    What a fitting title for a very long awaited post from Mr kaslaan himself! lol

    Good to have you with us again :)

  2. No worries, dear SS. Mr. Kaslaan is back!
    Perhaps i should add an arrow from the 'Kassoul' sign pointing at my head.. :)

  3. Yes perhaps you should :) lol Actually it already looks like a green thinking bubble saying "kasoul" lol