Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Football sneakers, Amsterdam

Football (soccer) is a HUGE deal with the family so these were one of the first purchases for my lil baby. As I await the arrival of my munchkin these give me good company :)


  1. aww adorable.....am sure the bundle of joy will be there soon:)

  2. sooo cute and wonderful colours!!! I'm still trying to figure out about what my favourite object could be... this weekly theme is kind of a challenge! That's what I love about our blog: it always prompts me to think further... be it about my own personal feelings or about the world we live in - especially the new and unknown!
    The warmest wishes to all global Themees from hot and humid Berlin - you all enrich my life, perspective and knowledge!! (A cheesy emotional moment now and then must be allowed folks!)

  3. Moi: Thank ye thank ye...I am eagerly awaiting for him/her to be here with me ...

    Sharron: You so nicely put across exactly what I have been thinking ....I live in Holland - being cheesy is my birthright lol!

  4. DC: they are so cute!

    Sharron: what about your Mac? :-)

  5. NZM: Thanks!

    WOW Sharron has a Mac ...that's so cool!

  6. Oh that is sooooo sweet and cosy! Why do not we also get to buy such shoes?? hmm? Who says I wanna have soles in my shoes all the time...well I cerainly don't! lol

    Sharron, I hear ya! And thank you :)

  7. cute, my niece has been in town and its just been amazing, your little one is gonna give you so much joy DC and so many sleepless nights.

  8. lol @ sleepless nights ...his/her "messy anatomical bombs" shall keep u really busy , so enjoy the wait, DC!!! lol
    whats that they say about babies being loud-speakers at one end and tap at the other!!! hehe

  9. you guys are SO funny!

    :) have me laughing like a hyena...