Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cafe food, Amstelveen

Hey guys, I am cheating a lil and putting a pic of food rather than the place. But, I have a good reason.
My husband and I have been blessed with a sweet baby boy on June 17th (Father's Day), by the grace of the Almighty all is well. The baby Candy Jr. is doing well and so am I - in fact I am jumping with sheer joy!


  1. Congratulations DC!!! thats great news, hope the little one brings lots of joy and happiness your way.

  2. MUBARAK HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so happy to hear this wonderful news! May God bless you all with the best. Massive congrats to you and hubbie, welcome Candy Jr! I hope you are doing well too and that it went smoothly.

  3. Oh my!!! Congratulations!!!!!! love to the junior......

  4. thanks so much guys ...:) i am so happy ...i am sure i was blessed because so many people put in a prayer *hugs*

  5. Awesome news, DC - mabrook!

    So happy for you!