Monday, May 07, 2007

Wish they'd let me in...

so I could find out what's behind the green door! (With apologies to the composers!)
Flowering vines frame a green door in the tiny village of Sigri, on Greece's Lesvos Island.


  1. There's something about Greece and all those colours and white walls that fascinates moi to no end!!!

  2. Moi: the colours are amazing and it surprised us that not every Greek Island has the same stereotypical Blue and White paint scheme. Only the real touristy islands like Santorini have it.

    Lesvos was more white walls, brown wooden window and door frames and terracotta coloured roof tiles.

    Sha'ira: you've just been on holiday! LOL!

  3. NZM : true! ..though i have never been there and it sure's one of those many places on my to do list before i die, i regularly visit this blog by a Grecian.....u may have a look at it sometimes...