Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Windows to our Souls

Doors are in a way the opposite to windows. They shut people out, and shut us in. Keep us safe, or so we would like to believe. They can also welcome. A door can always be open in practice and theory for those very special to us. Whereas windows, although both able to open and close, leave you with the ability to interact at a safe distance with the world around you giving you the chance to open it when you see something you like, welcome it in and perhaps eventually open your door to it someday. Like our eyes.

This week we are sharing with you pictures of Windows and Doors. In fact, the very screen you are looking into now is a window. It allows you to see out into the cyberworld, and perhaps you'll see something you like here and one day open the door to your world.


  1. so true.. a window allows you to sample that which you may choose to enjoy through a door..

    off to a student festival up north see ya!!

  2. Great post, I think u should do a write up with every theme.

  3. Lirun enjoy yourself!

    D reb, well I reckon I might just do that :) Thanks.