Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spiritual Sand

This is Anafora, built by the Coptic Bishop Thomas as a haven for people in need of a spiritual retreat regardless of religion. In the middle of the desert between Alexandria and Cairo, this spiritual oasis can be found.


  1. I love the word "Oasis"......
    my love for etymology made me do a little search on it and this is what one of the finds had to say
    "Egyptians were the first to use the word oasis. It is not used in the written Egyptian records that have been preserved, but a word similar to oasis meaning "dwelling-place" is found in the descendant of Egyptian known as Coptic. From the Egyptians, Greek and Roman writers learned the word."

    and by the way, beautiful picture, SS :)

  2. Lovely place, wonderfully captured.

  3. How fitting that I should use the word Oasis in Egypt with a coptic Bishop then! :) Thanks moi.

  4. Wow - that place looks amazing and restful and spiritual and peaceful and all the things that it should look like!