Monday, May 21, 2007

Sixties belonged to Impala....

Though this one I am guessing is from 70's. Parked in our residential complex (in Florida), this is my neighbor's pride and my husband's envy!!!!


  1. Impala, heard so much about it, my granddad had imported one to Pakistan a long time back, never saw it but heard a lot of stories about it.

  2. Lol at hubbies envy...well...somethings just cannot be explained.

    Great shot! You are one interesting neighbor to have. If I ever find someone armed with a camera around my house I shall assume it's you moving in lol

  3. I can understand your husband's envy, infact I envy ur neighbour :)

  4. DR : I have heard similar stories from my Uncle where he'd reminisce fondly about Impala taxis in Calcutta's in 60's ....

    SS : He with gasoline in his veins rattles facts about cars all day long ....I have learnt how to turn a deaf ear and still continue to nod my head along...:DDDD And can't help it if my neck of woods have such colorful residents!!! :DDDD

    Su : I use to balk at the sight of the size of 60's American cars ....But with all the legends associated with some of them and with Arka making sure I respect his objects of desire, I am beginning t appreciate them :)