Tuesday, May 29, 2007


No this picture is not photoshopped those are actually jeeps all over the desert taking people on Dubai's famous "Desert Safari".


  1. This shot is amazing...you are getting better and better for every day and theme! How did you get this view? They look like small white ants lol

  2. That's an amazing image - so much for solitude in the desert! LOL

  3. awesome...love the height from where u 've taken it!!!

  4. Shaira, Thanks for the encouragement, I was standing on top of the biggest dune in the region and these cars were far far away.

    Nzm, thanks, actually there is no solitude anywhere these days, but the cars were so far away you could only see them and it looked good.

    Moi thanks, the dune i was on is the highest in the area and has spectacular views of the place.

    For your information this convoy of vehicles belonged to just one of the many tourism company in Dubai offering desert safaris. By vague estimates there are approximately 700 Land Cruisers with all companies offering desert safaris to their clients, its a lovely experience. But you can notice the environmental impact this is having on the desert, I am not aware of any studies done in this regard, nor if any of the companies are taking any steps to protect the delicate environment of the desert.

  5. a desert am sure has a fragile ecosystem too ....never before was i interested in a desert than i have been now.....thanx for sharing ur pics and thoughts., DR.:)



    I am speechless!

  7. thanks moi, thats the purpose of this great blog, sharing and caring.

    DC, thank you, you are being too kind, and counting down to good news 5 days to go, best of luck.