Monday, May 21, 2007

Life cycles, Amsterdam

As Moi says - this is bicycle country - Netherlands is known for its eco-friendly mode of transport - it is an icon of the country and people very proudly ride their bicycles - loaded with flowers, pets and/or kids!
Personal note: I may be out of action - I am hoping I am not - but, just in case - I am 38 weeks pregnant with our baby due on June 4th so if I am a bit slow and fall off the radar - I apologise. I will try to get back into action as soon as possible. Sorry for the long post :-) and please pray for me...


  1. Wondered when you were due!

    All the very best for a safe (and short) delivery - and you have our thoughts and prayers.

    Look forward to seeing you when you return to GTB!

  2. Hi Diligent Candy wish you all the best and our prayers are with you, keep us posted when you can.

  3. nzm: that's so sweet :-) thanks, i will be around, hovering over...

    drebel: thanks so much, i will do that surely.

  4. Our first Global Themes baby!!!! yayyy! We are all being pregnant with you...I am up my food lately, I was wondering why, but of course now I realize why loll

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and God willing, it will all go perfectly. We are eagerly anticipating our youngest GT team member :) *Hugs*

  5. Thats sweet DC...Being a new member here I was not aware ...Wish you all the happiness and hope it's all safe and fine . It will be. :)

  6. Shaira: So sweet ...shall send you some photos soon! Inshallah ....*huge hug* thanks for all the support and love...
    And, ya baby says thank you for already making him/her a team member :-)

    Moi: Thanks so much! I wish so too - it means a lot....