Tuesday, May 15, 2007

La Fontana della Barcaccia 1627-29

Guest Post: My brother.

"The fountain of the Old Boat." As you walk up Via Condotti in Rome, you arrive at the Piazza Di Spagna that leads up to the Spanish Steps. This place is always crowded as people gather around the fountain on the square, named after the Spanish Embassy that once was there. Built by the famous sculptor Bernini's father, and some now claim, Bernini himself as well, no one is quite sure what the sunken ship honors.


  1. What a wonderful picture, I love old fountains and sculptures, one of my favorite places in the US was "the country club plaza" in Kansas city, Missouri. With its Spanish Architecture, European Art & street side cafes. It was a beautiful place with some imitations of famous sculptures and fountains and some originals including one of Pomona by Donatello Gabrielli. Sadly I do not have pictures from there as I was usually too busy looking and admiring at things rather than taking pictures.

  2. What a gorgeous fountain.

    The blue reminds me of some of the rivers and lakes in the South Island of New Zealand.

    Welcome to Sha'ira's brother!

  3. I wish i had seen more popular fountains in life before this theme came up!!!! am loving this theme completely!!!!
    and a great fountain!

  4. it looks STUNNING...i want to go to rome soon!

  5. Well I wish you had your camera with you D Reb!

    NZM, Rome is the city of fountains!

    Moi, there will be more opportunities dont worry. We are in this for life now lol

    Well Candy take the toddler with ya when she/he decides to grace us all with her/his presence. (Notice the gender bias? lol)