Thursday, May 31, 2007

The colors in a desert

Guest Post: My friend, Suma.

One thing that stands out in Rajasthan, India are the colours against the backdrop of sand. The tradition-rich state has its own unique place in the history of the country.


  1. another great picture moi !! love the colors.

  2. The colours are wonderful.

    Similar to other India shots that I've seen on The Bohemians! blog.

  3. hey, this reminds me of the amul milk aid where all the woman carry the milk in such containers on their head, its lovely and the music is amazing

  4. Wonderful picture, and welcome Suma!

  5. I shall let Suma know of the words of appreciation... :)

    NZM : Thanx for the link..loved the pics there....:)

    Su: i know the ad..i have loved all of Amul's ads...their Amul Chocolates ones that went with tag line :gift for someone u love... to the taste of India ....beautiful work there!!! :)