Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Clay Windows

The oldest Mosque in The UAE, Al Bidyah. Believed to be 580 years old.


  1. Beautiful!!!

    Where's BuJ by the way? He has some gorgeous Iranian architecture that he could share with us on this topic!

  2. Fascinating.....how buildings survive the ravages if time ....thanx for sharing it ....i always wake up to a delightful destination millions of miles away on this blog...:)

  3. NZM yeah I recall the pics, very nice indeed.

    Moi! That is the whole idea with this blog, going places you may or may never get to see. And seeing it from the perspective of someone else.

    You know it has been said, if the people who waged wars on other countries had visited the cities they bombed, gotten to know the people, foods, arts and cultures, they would have a very hard time dropping a bomb on it. So here's a chance for us all to get to know the beautiful world, its amazing inhabitants and breathtaking surroundings :)