Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Castle made of Sand

Not as advanced as the Jumeirah Beach castle nzm posted earlier, nevertheless, the kids who made this on Al-Qurum Beach in Muscat, Oman were very proud!


  1. What a thrill to be able to create such masterpieces!

    BTW - great choice of song!

  2. Its the innocence of that age, one creates things and imagines scenarios that we as adults can only look back at, I'm sure the kids who made the caste thought they were the knights and princesses dwelling in them.

  3. indeed! lol :)

    I love Nat K Cole, and I couldn't think of a better song to capture this theme...makes me feel like I'm walking on a beach in a time long ago.

    Princesses and knights :) for sure.

  4. :) @ DR's comment.....its not just the kids....some of us never grow up...or never let a part of us grow up.....

  5. Tell me about it! There was just a huge rain storm here and I had to stick my head out the window like I did when I was little...amazing to feel the rain shower you like that!