Thursday, May 03, 2007

Awards & Perspectives

The Photobloggies Award winners were announced on May 1st, and as you all know Global Themes was up for two prizes. We did not win this time but would like to congratulate our worthy fellow finalists who won. We'll be back next year hopefully!

A big welcome to our new photographers from Indonesia, The US and Libya. And to new and old readers, it is good to have you here and we all love to read your comments and feed-back.

View from above is this week's running theme. We seem to love to ascend to hights where we can gain perspective on the ground we live on. See the whole picture. Be it from a hill or a Minaret, a clock tower or the highest floor in a hotel, we often realize how small we are in the big picture of things and how easy it is to loose feeling for something when you distance yourself so far from it that you do not know what it is anymore.


  1. How beautifully put - very nice!

  2. Thank u for the's been a pleasure to be here as a contributor as well as a visitor.......
    and was not aware of the rules till i got them today..will keep them in mind...:)

  3. dear global themes team

    just discovered this blog yesterday and am really impressed. assure you all my faithful viewership.

    And sure you would win next year. just keep tilling hard..

    God Blesss:-)

  4. Thanks Candy :)

    Pleasure is all ours Moi. I was meaning to send out the rules and all earlier but have been on the road, sorry :)

    666, welcome! Thank you for your kind words and support. Yeah who knows what this year will bring on the blog ey? :)

  5. Welcome new Globalists and once again thanks to Shaykhspeara for making this happen! I really enjoy being part of this blog that brings all these different people from around the world together. I learn so much every week from the pictures and the infos that go with them.

  6. Thanks for adding me in this photoblog :)

    I am very sorry that still can't submit photos oftenly.

    But, I'll try hard to capture many objects and put it here.

    For contributors..
    we should WIN next year!!!!

  7. Sharron thank you :) I have learnt loads myself and hope to keep on learning everyday from all of you :)

    X-snob, I appreciate you trying your best to make the time. Look forward to seeing more pictures from you! :)