Thursday, April 05, 2007

Street signal, Amsterdam

How do you like your t-shirts? I had just moved to Amsterdam - last summer, spotted this while walking home on a street signal - surely I wasn't in Dubai anymore...sigh!


  1. lol, I'v seen signs and posters people are becoming quite creative, the'd do anything to get your attention.

    DR please feel free to use the picture from my blog. or let me know how I can post it. Also how do you guys play music on the blog.

  2. Well what can I say, they have freedom of speech lol

    OG, just send us the pic either on globalthemes (at) gmail (dot) com or to my email adress which is on my website in the profile section.

    Music is played by uploading a song at and getting the URL and pasting it into a windows media player code.