Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shooting Japanese

Everywhere in Le Louvre in Paris there are big signs which proclaim NO PHOTOGRAPHY.

The Japanese tourists pretend that they don't see them and click at everything in sight - especially famous pieces such as Venus de MiloIn the end, I did that too!


  1. and i 'm glad u did!!! for some reason i dont understand why museums wont let u photograph it.....i dont intend to make an exhibition of the pics shot at museums....but i do wanna recall all that i saw and read up abt it later and without pics..its just the hand notes and that makes the whole experience so tedious........that was my rant against the museums :DDDD

  2. Moi: it's not about the photography itself, it's more about using the flash when taking a photo.

    On these automatic cameras, the flash is activated automatically and fires whenever the camera sensor detects that there is insufficient ambient light for a properly exposed image.

    The flash is what art galleries and museums don't like because it can sometimes blind the security sensors and cameras mounted in the rooms. With blind security equipment, the security personnel have no idea what's going on in the rooms - precious artworks may be touched - or even stolen!