Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In a traditional Lucknawi dowry, a paandaan is a must.
Paan is a edible leaf when eaten with lime, catechu, and areca nut. The more royal the family, the more elaborate a "paan".It is used for its digestive properties.
The "paandaan" is the receptacle to store the paan, and its various condiments.
This Paandaan belonged to my maternal grandmother, and is made of pure silver. It is easily over a 100 years old.


  1. Lovely pic! I have never seen or heard of one before, thanks for sharing :) Lekin aap ne post kiya hai? Problem kya tha blogger ke saat?

  2. My moms was stolen not long ago from my house in Pakistan, and she cried for 2 days. It was a big round one instead of the square.