Sunday, April 08, 2007

East Meets West

An American tourist on her mountain bike in Nalut, Libya - North Africa


  1. Welcome to the blog!!! So good to have you with us :)

    Look at the men just thinking "sho hada?" lol Great picture!

  2. Hey Khadija, welcome to the blog. Amazing picture look forward to more great pictures from you.

  3. Nice to be here!

  4. would love to travel there..

    this year is set to be my year of mid east travel..

    wonder how safe it will be for me..

  5. Well Lirun, I guess you will find out when you go. Will you be using the australian or israeli passport? You can't enter with the israeli one in syria (which is honestly one of the biggest unexplored gems of the middle east and you should try to go there if you can use the australian one).

    I wish you luck with that plan and hope God willing, that it will be safe and according to your hopes.

  6. Plan B is however, I go with you as your bodyguard! lol Hey we can be the GT peacemaking team!