Thursday, April 12, 2007

Antique Flask

This is an antique water flask from the "Mughal Era" India. It is made of metal with a cloth covering, has a space to put ice in to keep water cold.


  1. Like the whole idea of the ice being out in that section of flask......and it's a piece of beauty too!!!

  2. Welcome to the blog Moi!

    DReb I love it, can I have it please? lol Not only is it practical but it's beautiful as well. Today we just get regular old plastic or steel termoses. Boring.

  3. Moi, Welcome to global themes. Separating the ice apparently keeps it from melting faster, the metal is silver so it helps and is light. And it is a beautiful piece, the cloth covering is quite intricate.

    Shaira, its a thing of beauty, you want it? of course you can have it, lol.

  4. Beautiful piece. hy SS can have it? because she asked.
    She doesn't need cold water in Sweden.