Monday, March 05, 2007

Tower Bridge London

An entire day to kill during my London trip last Summer - so I signed on for the Big Bus tour, which also got me a boat ride on The Thames. The Tower Bridge is where we started from and that was the view from the bustling little boat.


  1. I've been to Londonium twice now (admittedly only overnight on both occasions and for business) and I've yet to see Tower Bridge!

  2. london is actually my middle name.. so i love all things london hehehe

    london bridge is one of my nicknames.. not used by money thank goodness..

  3. NZM, fear not. My swedish pakistani self went to london 6 times last year and not ONCE did I get to see the Tower Bridge, besides from afar nor did I cruise the Thames, nor did I spin around the London Eye. Nada zilch nishta niet la shay kuch nahi! etc...

    Candy, lovely image, and I love the way the kippa is caught in the middle, beautiful.

    So we should call you Lirun London Bridge? lol that is not bad at all. Let's hope you don't "fall down"... lollll pardon my lame jokes, it is Monday after all.

  4. Pardon...I loved the jokes...LOL!
    I think you have to be REALLY bored to take one of these tours...I had nothing to do CLEARLY...

  5. i took one in paris once with my mum when i was 14.. she decided i would be the impromptu tourguide in a city she knew back to front..

    so after the tour we went to the marceh aux puces and mont martre and pompi square.. and ended up with a show/dinner at the lido.. and then she decided i was capable enough to do my own travelling

  6. Me, just been through the airport a lot of times, i'd like to see the place.

    SS 6 time and no big bus tour lol, you should contact nzm for travel advice.

  7. London's yummy, especially the areas, which are themed by ethnicity. Bayswater = Arabs, Bricklane = Bangladeshi, Southall = generally Indian sikh, some Pakistani, North(ish) London = Turkish, some Jewish.. etc.

    SS: You were in london for SIX times and didn't see any of those? You sound like an active tourist with all these pics we see, but to me this sounds very lazy!!

    Mind you tower bridge, london eye etc are not my fav places in London. Actually in my 9 British years I've never been to the eye! The only time I've been on the tower bridge was when I was driving and took a wrong turn and was forced to go on the bridge!