Friday, March 30, 2007

Supermarket Sign

Spinneys sign with thick clouds yesterday on top of their store in Bur Dubai, UAE. Spinneys is a premium supermarket operating in Lebanon, Egypt, UAE and Oman.


  1. dude.. lets open one in israel together heheh


  2. Hmm I never heard of it, and I don't recall seeing it when I was briefly in the UAE. Then again maybe that's just it...briefly lol

    Lirun lol great idea! Would be fab!

  3. lol lirun we should.

    Shaira, its a great place to shop anything you cant find in any other store you can find at spinneys. Bit pricier then the others but worth it.

  4. Yes yes Okay D Reb. Discount millta hai unsay tumko.
    They sell KHANZEER. Do you want to contribute to their monetary growth?