Monday, March 05, 2007

Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge, Cannon City, Colorado, USA. Said to be the highest suspension bridge in the world. The place has amazing views, a cable car, a tram, and train the gives tours. There is also a whitewater river in which I almost drowned.


  1. Amazing what memories we associate with images, isn't it?

    DReb is reminded that he almost drowned in the river that we can't see!

  2. loll indeed!

    D reb pardon me, I am by no means laughing at the fact that you almost drowned.

    I like the picture although I never quite understood bridges with all those lines on them crisscrossed like a waffle made of steel. I'm more of a wood and limestone bridge person myself lol

  3. Nzm yes amazing memories the river is like thousands of feet below the bridge thus the highest bridge.

    SS laughing at me almost drowning, tut tut tut. I myself love wodden bridges, you should see the bridges of madison county, they were featured in a movie too, there were origionally 19 small wodden bridges now 6 remain amazing and unique, I love the rope/wood bridges in Kashmir pakistan.

  4. maaf karo, I don't know what it is, suddenly a lot of things are very funny lol