Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ostia Antica

The lush green ancient port of Ostia Antica, outside Rome.


  1. Beautiful place, looks very peaceful.

  2. Cool!

    What are those columns? Left over from an old building?

  3. My eyes are drawn to the perfectly groomed tree in the background. I know that it couldn't have been clipped but doesn't it have the most perfect shape?! Very nice. :)

  4. Grazie Lirun!

    D reb it is one of the most peaceful and green places outside Rome.

    NZM, it is basically now filled with ruins from the ancient Ostia Antica when water used to run there. Apparently after the erathquake water started running another direction so it sort of stopped being a port. I need to check the history there though to be sure but that is what I recall.

    It is amazing, I mean you can find teh world oldest bar there, seriously, I need to post a pic on that for teh upcoming eyebrow raisers theme. And old baths, and mosaic, fantastic stuff... Hey I think we need a theme called ANCIENT! I could go wild there lol

    G Girl lol I am with you, I loved the tree standing there, by itself almost, trying to get into the picture I'm taking.