Monday, March 05, 2007

old jerusalem's equivalent..

connecting little corners of the old city of jerusalem you see these arches bridging the buildings along the alley.. passage reserved for those who walk the rooves and live inside.. as youngsters we used to bring bongo drums and little gaz balloons and on wintery nights park ourselves on strategic locations - play music sing and drink arab coffee.. apologies to the all the residents who thought we were aliens.. we enjoyed these bridges very much.. :)


  1. Beautiful, reminds me of the old city in Damascus.

    You? Crazy? noooooooooo lol

  2. Lovely! This looks really pretty.

  3. shasha.. that cool hey.. that we can show eachother similarities we didnt know existed..

    DC - thank ya

  4. It is super cool Lirun! This is exactly what I wanted when I came up with the idea of this blog. A way for people to meet through photos.