Monday, March 12, 2007

Museumplein Amsterdam

This is the huge lawn in front of Rijksmuseum on Museumplein in Amsterdam, on the left is the Van Gogh museum and as you take the picture your back is to the Concertgebouw.
This is the cultural heart of Amsterdam and when the weather is good the lawn plays host to couples, football pratice, dogs, picnics, gossip sessions and naps in the sun.


  1. I really long for summer when I see this. You know some of the best memories of my life happened during the summer.

  2. Well - summer is nearly here - tomorrow in Berlin (14th March 2007) they have predicted that we'll have 20degC!!!

  3. Sha'ira: There is something about Summer...

    NZM: Is it? I am packing my bags for Berlin.